Our main priority as a Community is to focus on the wellbeing of our residents and we seek to support all residents.

Please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe by following all government guidelines as they are updated, whilst doing what you can to help the vulnerable, if you are safe and able to do so.

Both St. Mary’s Church and Castleton Baptist Church are closed but are offering support to anyone, please see their websites for updates and phone numbers. The foodbank collection in St. Mary’s is now closed but see St. Mary’s and Castleton Baptist’ websites for where food can be taken if it is safe to do so.

As part of this community if you are believers, I would encourage you to pray for each other and our community

Please note that Marshfield Community Council and Marshfield Facebook sites are totally independent. Please scroll through MCC Facebook pages for helpful information that has been found for you. For full information, please always check government websites regularly in particular:

Newport City Council

Public Health Wales

Please do message MCC Facebook if you need help or are offering any essential services in the village, so that it can be posted on our own Facebook site. It is also good to have messages of encouraging feedback on there to keep up moral.

May you all stay healthy and encourage one another.

Catherine Grady

Chairman 24.3.20

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