Council Members and Remuneration

Marshfield Community Council has 11 seats and is currently made up of the following Community Councillors:


Linda - low res

Linda Southworth-Stevens, Marshfield.  (Elected May 2017)

Chair – Planning Committee

Chair – Finance & General Purposes Committee

Susan Davies, Marshfield (Elected May 2017)


Cath Davis, Chairman – Marshfield (Co-opted February 2021)

John Holland,  Marshfield (Co-opted May 2021)

Cathy Holland, Marshfield (Co-opted May 2021)

Representative member of Marshfield Village Hall Management Committee

Chris Roberts Marshfield, (Co-opted October 2021)

Five vacancies

There were no remuneration payments to Coucillors during 2017/18

Published Councillor’s Allowances 2017-18

There was one payment to Councillor Southworth-Stevens during 2018/19 to reimburse her for printer ink used in connection with her role as Chair of the Council’s Planning Committee. Otherwise, there were no payments.

Published Councillor’s Allowances 2018-19

There were no remuneration payments to Councillors during 2019/20.

Published Councillor’s Allowances 2019-20

There were no remuneration payments to Councillors during 2020/21

Published Councillor’s Allowances 2020-21


The Council has three standing Committees:

Planning Committee – Chaired by Councillor Linda Southworth-Stevens and includes all Councillors.

Finance & General Purposes Committee – Chaired by Councillor Linda Southworth-Stevens, with membership of Councillor John Holland.

Allotment Committee – All Councillors are members of the Allotment Committee plus members co-opted from allotment tenants.The Church Lane allotment site and the Marshfield Road allotment site have their own working groups which report to the main Allotment Committee.

In December 2019 the Council formed a Transport and Road Safety Working Group. Councillor John Holland (Lead),

Clerk to the Council – Gerald Thomas, 4 Kenilworth Road, Newport, NP19 8JQ.
Tel: 01633 375812

How we keep you informed
Council notices are posted in the Community Council noticeboard opposite the shop on Marshfield Road in Marshfield, and also in the noticeboard at Castleton near the A48 footbridge.

We also put regular updates on our website and our Facebook page.  ‘Like’ the Facebook page for Marshfield Community Council to see our regular posts.

We’d love to hear from you
We value your input – if you have any views, comments or queries, please contact us.  You are also welcome to attend any of our public meetings and monthly Community Council meetings, held on the second Tuesday of each month (except August) at 7.15 pm, at Marshfield Village Hall or via Zoom.