Marshfield Community Council Leisure Committee were successful, after many years of planning and discussion, in adding a much needed new community leisure facility which was fully completed in 2018- the MUGA.  We were able to fund this largely with Section 106 money given from previous residential development in the area.  It is with grateful thanks from the community to our previous Community Councillors and especially the late James Rowlands who did the majority of the negotiations and also to Geoff Stockham for seeing it through to completion.

A survey and public consultation were completed to understand from the residents of Marshfield and Castleton what was required in terms of leisure and sports facilities.

Following our last public consultation, we evaluated all the leisure suggestions put forward by the community and shortlisted 3 options:

  • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) located in the grounds of Marshfield Village Hall.
  • A natural landscape play area at The Meadows/Mallards Reach.
  • Landscaping of the fields at Marshfield Village Hall, to include footpaths, bandstand, patio and planting.

Also added was the provision of a footpath to improve access around the current sports pitches along with benches and litterbins.

If you have time or skills to assist and you would like to help in future activities, or if you wish to raise any points you feel have not yet been made please contact us.