How we keep you informed
In addition to posting the latest news on this site, council notices are posted in the Community Council noticeboard opposite the shop on Marshfield Road in Marshfield, and also on the noticeboard outside Castleton Village Hall. We also put regular updates on our Facebook page.

Be a part of your community
If you would like to become more involved in your community, please do contact us. We can put you in touch with the team who organise village events like the summer fete, firework display and pantomime, local residents who would like to organise litter picks or the team of volunteers who manage Marshfield Village Hall. Any contribution, large or small, would be much appreciated and you could enjoy feeling part of your community and making a few friends along the way.

Parking around Marshfield Primary School and Speeding

We are liaising with the Police, Marshfield Primary and our City Councillors to look at the parking problems around Marshfield Primary School. Liaison with the Police over speeding concerns on Marshfield Road and the A48 have resulted in a number of police speeding observations and fixed penalty tickets being issued.


Marshfield Community Litter Pick 13th June, 2015

Thanks to the nine people who joined in the Marshfield Community Litter Pick today.

Together we managed to collect around 13 sacks of rubbish in just over an hour from around the village, including from Ty Mawr Lane, Pentwyn Terrace, St Mellons Road, Wellfield Road and the bottom of Marshfield Road, so the village should look a little cleaner now!



Community Donations and Support – October 2013 Update


Marshfield Community Council have provided financial support to Marshfield Senior Football Club for the provision of pitch dug-outs and to Marshfield Village Hall for fireworks for the village fireworks display on Saturday 2nd November.

Community Donations and Support – June 2013 Update

Marshfield Community Council have provided financial support to Castleton Baptist Church to help towards the maintenance and upkeep of the graveyard, and to Marshfield Village Fete to pay for the bouncy castle and inflatable slide.

Drainage works completed on Marshfield Village Hall football pitch

Major drainage improvement works are taking place on the junior football pitch at Marshfield Village Hall, so the second field has been fenced off by the village hall management committee. The work should be completed by the end of June. Well done to Marshfield Village Hall for getting the grant to do this work and making much needed and awaited improvements to our football facilities in Marshfield.

Marshfield’s First Community Litter Pick

A huge thank you to the 70 volunteers who turned out on Sunday 7th April for Marshfield’s first community litter pick. An astounding 80 bags of litter, as well as tyres and assorted large items of rubbish, were collected from the Marshfield Road, St Mellons Road, Church Lane and Ty Mawr Lane areas.

Our thanks go to Steve Chamberlain from Keep Wales Tidy who supplied all the litter collecting kit and to Marshfield’s Caroline Quilter who organised the event.

We hope to hold another community litter pick in around 3 months time and look forward to more people joining us to make Marshfield and Castleton better places to live.

Beware of scam telephone calls

Beware if you receive a telephone call from Windows or any other computer software provider advising you that you have a virus on your computer and offering to sort it out with you over the phone. They may ask you to log on and read them out details from your computer. These calls are scams and they are trying to access your computer for fraudulent means.


Community Donations and Support – February 2013 Update

Marshfield Community Council have provided financial support for Marshfield Village Hall, to pay for the 2013/14 annual grounds maintenance of the playing fields and football pitches and hedge cutting on the Village Hall site.

Village Improvements

We are looking at ways of improving the appearance of our village and introducing a “feel good factor” about where we all live. We hope to introduce planters in the village (subject to Newport Council approval), to enhance the village green at Groes Corner and organise a litter pick. Any suggestions/help would be gratefully received.

Dog Fouling

We are aware of the situation regarding the dog fouling on Marshfield road, it is rapidly becoming a major point of concern to all of us who regularly use that route to school. If you witness anyone not picking up after their dog, please ring the dog wardens at Newport City Council via the contact centre on 01633 656656. We will continue to highlight the issue until it is resolved.

Police PACT Meetings

We have asked Gwent Police to detail upcoming PACT (Police And Communities Together) meetings in their monthly Police Neighbourhood News page.  The aim of PACT meetings is to give all villagers the opportunity to meet members of the local policing team and to have a say in how our local area is policed.

Newport Contact Centre

Please ring the contact centre on 01633 656656 if you see anything that needs attention.  They will deal with all repairs that fall under the Newport City Council remit, including pot holes etc.

St Mellons Road (Wood Ditch Reen) Bridge
Following concerns received from local residents about the visibility and safety of the stone road bridge on St Mellons Road and the speed of traffic over this bridge, we have been liaising with Newport City Council on the issues. Newport Council have now confirmed the findings of their site appraisal and have advised as follows:

“The existing signage, which was only recently installed, provides clear information to drivers in respect of the hazard ahead and indicates that the narrow section can only accommodate single file traffic.  Carriageway edge lining is also present which serves to draw drivers attention to the reduced width of the carriageway, and there are ‘slow’ markings on each approach to the bridge.

At the time of the most recent site visit, there was little sign of damage to highway structures, debris from cars or skid marks on the road to indicate drivers stopping abruptly alluding to the presence of an consistent problem.  Given the measures that are already present, any additional traffic signing or road markings are therefore likely to prove merely cosmetic and achieve little in terms of effecting any noticeable improvement.  A majority of drivers will be local to the area and aware of this particular hazard, and having been provided with the necessary information by traffic signing, it is then their responsibility to assimilate it and proceed accordingly.

There have been two recorded injury collisions at this location within the last five years, only one of these occurring within the last three years.  Both collisions resulted in injuries to vehicle occupants that were classified as slight.  Therefore in view of the above, it is not possible to justify the costs of additional measures at this point in time, irrespective of the current lack of a traffic management budget.  To reiterate previous comments, physical traffic calming features could not be provided without the installation of a system of street lighting to conform with centrally imposed regulations, and the associated costs would be considerable at a site that would not rank as being a priority.

I do hope this explains the situation and demonstrates that the matter has been afforded due consideration.”

If  you want to raise anything further on this, please contact Andrew Morris, Head of StreetScene at info@newport.gov.uk or call 01633 656 656.

Community Donations and Support – October 2012 Update
Marshfield Community Council have provided financial support for the following: Marshfield Village Fireworks Display; the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal; and Marshfield Football Clubs for white lining of the football pitch this season.

Police Matters
The Mobile Police Station will be outside Marshfield Post Office every Sunday from 1 – 3pm and at Asda Duffryn every Wednesday from 2 – 4pm.

Railway Line Footpath Consultation 1st November 2012 at 7.30pm
A footpath diversion to footpath 399/47 is being proposed by Network Rail. This is the footpath that originates in The Grange, off Wellfield Road, which Network Rail are proposing to originate instead from Whitethorn Way with the purpose of diverting the track crossing over the railway to the existing bridge 100 metres to the East. We fully endorse the safety reasons for moving the crossing off the track but have suggested that the footpath does not need to be diverted from The Grange in order to achieve this and can divert to the left after the first field instead. A public consultation is being held by Network Rail on November 1st 2012 at 7.30pm at Marshfield Village Hall.
Proposed Footpath Diversion Map

Community Donations and Support – September 2012 Update
Marshfield Community Council have provided financial support for the following: An annual allocation to Marshfield Village Hall; provision of hardcore at the allotments off Marshfield Road to facilitate vehicle access; and a new Community Council noticeboard opposite Marshfield Post Office.

Community Donations and Support – August 2012 update
In recent months, Marshfield Community Council has provided financial support for the following local groups and causes: A significant donation to Castleton Village Hall for extensive refurbishment works; St Mary’s Church; Marshfield Primary School for Community Week; Bassaleg School for their Olympics; Marshfield Senior Football for new goalposts; and Marshfield Village Hall for the children’s slide at the village fete.