Planning update on 62B Marshfield Road – 19 houses

We are continuing to object to the planning application for 19 houses at 62B Marshfield Road. Our most recent comments are in response to Highways advising that they would look for the applicant to implement traffic management measures in the vicinity of the site to restrict parking by the site access, which in turn, would exacerbate the Marshfield Primary parking problem. Also that we note that no payment from the developer is being requested to support Marshfield Primary which is already over-subscribed.

Click here to find out the latest on the application (number 12/1099) on Newport Council’s online planning site.

We previously advised that an archaeological evaluation of the site had been requested due to it being of potential archaeological (medieval) interest (and we believe this has been undertaken with the arrival of a small digger on site).

We will keep you updated.


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