Removal of Secondary School Catchment Guarantee

Newport Council is consulting until Friday 1st March 2013, on its proposed school admissions arrangements. The draft policy document can be found on the Newport City Council website via .

The key change that affects Marshfield and Castleton is the removal of  the secondary school catchment guarantee, which effectively means that attendance at Marshfield Primary School as a feeder school to Bassaleg is no longer a guarantee of admission. Where a high school is oversubscribed, admission will be made on the distance you live from the school.

Newport Council have only written to parents of current Year 5 pupils in Newport Schools but as this affects everyone in Marshfield, we are encouraging everyone to email Newport Council with their comments. Please email by March 1st. Your individual response to this consultation is very important – please do not cut and paste the responses below. Your own words will give more weight to the responses than a standard response. We made a difference when the community responded to the proposed gypsy and traveller site in Marshfield and we can do it again. This policy will have the same negative effect on our community so please do send in your comments before Friday.

Please see our consultation response and the leaflet we have distributed to all households in the area

For information, Marshfield Primary School Governors Views on the Consultation on Change to admissions policy – Feb 2013 can also be read.

If you want to also email the Welsh Assembly Government to object to the 2 weeks notice of the consultation that the community of Marshfield has been given, please email the schools management division 3. WAG specified that this consultation had to take place in the 6 months prior to 1st March. We understand 4 schools (not including Marshfield) were given sight of the policy by Newport LEA some time ago. Marshfield school were advised on Friday 8th February when they broke for half-term. Has the consultation process being followed correctly?

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